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Angie Joson-Olsen – Managing Director of ViN 888 Graduate of Liberal Arts and Commerce Major in Science and Accounting,  is a migrant from the Philippines . Whilst doing her Post graduate studies at Chisholm then Swinburne, the lure of wine industry took her off that path and switch to TAFE courses on wine marketing, winemaking and viticulture. She now heads the family business and is actively involved in operation and export sales and marketing. Currently servicing the greater Asian market and North America.

Glenn Olsen – Chief Winemaker of ViN 888 is a Science & Engineering Graduate of the University of Melbourne. Though practicing as an Engineer/Metallurgist, Glenn has been in the wine industry via importation of wines and spirits from Europe and directly marketed them around Australia. He then moved into retailing to have outlets for his imported products. In 1991, borne out of his passion for wine, he started wine production and has produced award-winning wines.

From the management of ViN 888 – OLSEN WINES Victoria

In today’s lifestyle, many consumers have developed allergies to sulphur dioxide or sulphites which are normally added to processed food and wine as a preservative, not to mention the many fining agents which are commonly used in wine production. This is only the beginning with more and more people developing allergies.

By profound attention to detail in every aspect of the grape growing, wine making, maturation and bottling processes (amongst our regular style premium wines), we have produced a range of quality wines which the public will drink by CHOICE not by necessity.

These are fine wines by any standard with the advantage of no added preservative or allergen and will appeal to all consumers – even those without allergies.


To continue producing award winning, export quality wines across the globe with a focus on Preservative Free tasty wines.